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At Denver Security Solutions, we help you to customize the perfect security solution for your needs! We offer a range of services including:

  • Locksmith Services

We can meet you at your home, office, or car to help you in emergency situations. We can help you to set up master key systems in a brand-new office, or to rekey the locks when you move into a new building. If you need a copy of your key or your keys is broken off in the ignition, we can help.

  • Smart Lock

We install smart locks that perform locking and unlocking operations on your doors from instructions given by your phone or any other authorized device. Once you set up the device in question, you can wirelessly open and close your doors.

  • Access Control

We provide a range of access control measures for individuals and companies alike want to maintain better control over who has access to which areas of the property. This can be both internal and external access.

  • CCTV/Surveillance Cameras

If you want to better see what is going on your property, we can help you to install CCTV your surveillance cameras. Studies indicate that having surveillance cameras on your property will help to reduce the risk of criminal activity. Acting as a successful deterrent, companies and businesses can monitor the property after hours and enhance risk management. Residences can increase security and keep an eye on who is coming and going.

  • Intercoms

We can help you to set up an intercom system with as many substations as necessary to provide extra security to your home or office. Using the latest technology we can help you to increase security at your home by connecting your intercom security system with your smart phone or your key fob so that even when you are around can press a button to give someone access to your property. For offices we can help set up  substations throughout the property at all points of entry.

  • Card Readers/Biometric Systems

If you want to install a card reader system we can help you to review the different technologies on the market and decide upon a card reader or a card reader with keypad combination. We can help you review the different biometric systems available to find a solution that integrates well with your existing security measures but enhances security for your more sensitive operations.

  • Buzzer Systems

Our expert security professionals can help you to install a buzzer system that alerts you to visitors not only for your home but for your office. Such systems can be fully integrated with existing security measures so you can provide keyless entry to visitors.


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