Card Reader / Biometric System

Our professional locksmith services can provide you with a variety of high-quality card readers. Setting the standard for our trade we provide a range of services, with the ultimate goal being of being full customer satisfaction.

Our master locksmiths can take care of any card reader you need. We can provide installation and maintenance for commercial or residential needs, you can even call upon us during an emergency.

We work with the best card readers on the market, and card reader with a keypad combination systems. If you want innovative, high-quality keypad readers with card technologies for a two factor verification application, we can install that in your office. If you prefer outdoor keypad and card reading combinations for exterior door activation or locking products we can help with that as well.

The products in our suite of card readers utilize different technologies to perform a handful of functions. Card readers can be used to perform tasks such as locking a server cabinet or granting access to the interior or exterior doors. With such variety is easy to see why they make an ideal component to any access control system. We offer a variety of different card and ID readers each in ideal solution for different functions. We have proximity card technology which is perfect for opening doors for providing other access control applications and then we have standard ID cards which utilize a barcode or magnetic strip to provide access for gather data. Other products we provide include proximity cards, smart cards, and standard ID cards. When you meet with our company we can go over each of the solutions and help you determine which one best fits your company needs.

Types of readers:

  • Proximity card readers: proximity card readers are one type of card reader, which we often mount to a wall or a door frame. The cards are scanned in front of this reader in order to gain access. In most cases individuals have to be within 6 inches of the card reader in order to get access.
  • Contactless technology readers: compatible with various smart cards and wristbands, these readers feature in LED lights and a buzzer both of which validate authorized scans.
  • Barcode readers: barcode readers utilize infrared technology to read and authorized various barcodes. You can use these for things like purchases or providing access control.
  • Magnetic strip readers: magnetic strip readers require cards be physically swiped through the reader. These readers can be mounted horizontally or vertically. If you use them for outdoor use the recommend including a protective housing structure as moisture can prevent cards from being successfully swiped.

Will help you find the best solution for your company!

It can be challenging to choose which card reader is best for your site, and given the fact that there are many technologies available on the market and many variables to consider it is no wonder that companies get overwhelmed. Our access control solutions nationalists bring years of experience creating ideal card reader solutions and working with system integrators to find a solution that best fit your company needs. We can meet you on site and conduct an assessment to help you find something that integrates well with your existing systems.


Companies involved in sensitive industries, such as commerce, banking, or computing, are integrating biometric technology at a high rate. Contactless cards and apps are being enhanced by this breakthrough in advanced security systems. Becoming an increasingly widespread, this sophisticated solution can become the best part of your security and surveillance system when you call upon our installation services.

Biometric authentication functions on the premise that every person can be individually identified by his or her intrinsic traits. This new technology can recognize the person on the basis of unique features such as signatures, DNA, iris patterns, fingerprints, or face. In doing so, biometric security can impart a secure and convenient way to authenticate each person. Similarly, voice recognition systems measure the characteristics of speech by verifying the amount of air expelled through the lungs, across the larynx, and through the nose. Such software compares these characteristics to data already stored on the server and should the two boys prints the sufficiently similar it is declared match. The same methodology works with any trade utilized in your biometric system.

The main advantage to installing biometric technology compared to traditional authentication methods like a password, ID card, or key, is that it is intrinsically linked to an individual person and therefore less likely to be compromised through loss, theft, or collusion. These biometric systems are not only easy to use but they simplify the user management which reduces the cost to any industry installing them. Users don’t have to remember passwords and accounts cannot be shared. If you want to improve the security beyond a simple biometric system you can combine one or more of the biometric technologies to require voice and facial recognition, for example.

All biometric access control systems that we installed provide personalized access control. Our biometrics identification scanners and locks will eliminate the need for any access control cards for keypad codes. Utilizing the sophisticated biometric technology enhances the security not only of your organization but of the people who work in it. We also provide biometrics access control evaluation. After you install the biometric server racks, all fingerprint scanners and other solutions for iris identification or facial identification, you can safely deploy an advanced and personalized security solution.

Benefits to biometrics:

  • helps to securely restrict access to sensitive operations or assets
  • no key cards or passwords are needed
  • eliminates password sharing or key card sharing
  • identifies individuals based on physical attributes
  • uses fingerprints, iris scans, facial features, or other identification technologies
  • easily integrates with existing access control systems
  • simple to manage and administer on individual basis
  • federally compliant access control solution

No matter what you want to install, we can meet with you to go over the different systems on the market to find a solution that best fits your company and your budget. For long term satisfaction, we can help you out in emergency security situations and fix any issues that might arise down the road.

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