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Security intercom systems provide voice communications between two or more different locations. These systems are frequently used between a locked building entrance door, like your home and office front door, and then attended location within your building. For companies this might refer to the security control room but for homeowners this could refer simply to the kitchen and living room. In these applications, security intercom systems give visitors a way to contact someone who is inside once they arrive at the front door. Of course the front doors of the only location where you might want to install an intercom system. Other common locations include loading dock doors or vehicle gates. For residences you might consider security intercom systems installed between your main entrance door and the location inside your home.

How they work?

Whether you want to install an intercom system for your home or your office, a simple intercom system has a master station and a substation. The substation refers to where you want the physical intercom installed and master station refers to where you are controlling the communications and subsequently access.

For example, in an office building, you might want to keep your front entrance door locked and have a security intercom system so that people outside the entrance can communicate with the receptionist inside the lobby. In these situations the master station would be installed in reception and the substation would be mounted outside of the entrance door.

On the intercom system you will find buttons such as volume control, a speaker, and a talk button. When a person arrives they simply press the call button and the master station will bring. The receptionist in this instance can accept the call and listen to the person outside. When they’re done talking receptionist can choose to open the door or not.

Offices can set up multiple substations so that people can bring for access from different parts of the facility. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple layers of security inside your office and you want to limit access to different offices, storage facilities, or floors. Substations can be set up outside of any area to heighten security.

The same functionality applies to any residential system we install for you. You can choose to let people into your home from the convenience of wherever you are inside. Many homes choose to set up a system like this so that people can be let into the front door without having to travel all the way to the front door. For example, homes that have multiple stories or main sections can set up a master station inside the living room or the kitchen so they guests can phone from the front door and be let into the foyer without the homeowner having to stop what they are doing. Naturally this is great for when packages are delivered which simply need to be set inside the home or when a family member loses their keys, or simply when guests come to visit who can show themselves inside.

We work with some of the most advanced systems on the market which means that homeowners and business owners alike can utilize smart phone integration with their intercom security system. So, in addition to having one or more substations throughout the house or the office in a single master station, you have the ability to control who can come into your home or office from your smartphone. This is perfect for situations where you might not be physically present but still want to give someone access.

Other advanced technological solutions include integration with a key fob so that when somebody calls you from one of the substations you can simply press the button on your phone or your key fob to give them entrance.

Buzzer Systems

Our expert security professionals can help you to install a buzzer system that alerts you to visitors not only for your home but for your office. Such systems can be fully integrated with existing security measures so you can provide keyless entry to visitors.
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