At Denver Security Solutions, we help you to customize the perfect security solution for your needs! We offer a range of services including:


Residential Buildings

Denver Secure leads the industry in residential security solutions.
We leverage the optimal blend of Surveillance and technology to meet the particular concerns of residential communities and to create optimal residential security solutions.
We analyzes luxury condominiums, rental buildings, gated communities, and Home Owners Associations to identify their critical security needs and create customized security plans.

Business & Commercial

Denver Secure understands that business and commercial facilities have a large number of security concerns for the safety of their employees and clients.
We are committed to develop a security plan which addresses all of the many varied needs of the specific commercial building. Your risks, vulnerabilities, general operations and special circumstances will all be addressed in our security solutions.

Property Management

Denver Secure will help you utilize the latest technology by installing a variety of CCTV cameras that can help secure your premises with real time feed, monitored 24/7.
Our systems include the most advanced monitoring technology to ensure a prompt response to any incident or threat by connecting the alarm to your phone of management system.

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Denver Secure understands that optimal healthcare facilities and hospitals cannot be administered in an environment filled with intimidation and fear.
Whether your operation is a small community based hospital or healthcare office, or a major medical center Denver Secure will provide 360 degrees medical facility security by creating a plan that best utilizes human resources and technology for your facility’s unique needs.

Educational Facilities

Denver Secure will make sure our educational facilities like schools and colleges would be safe places to learn and teach in.
Your educational facility must be prepared to deal with a variety of security threats, including lockdown situations, weather emergencies, violent assaults and bullying.
Denver Secure will work with team to make sure the educational institution and it area prepared for both every day and unexpected safety issues.

Hotel & Hospitality Facilities

Denver Secure takes care of both safety and security for your hospitality facility, hotel or motel.
We can help secure any event being held at your hotel, with our wealth of experience with all aspects of special event security.
With Denver Secure customized security solutions, you can be sure that your facility and its occupants will be safe when special events are being held on your premises.


In Denver Secure we believe taking care of your family, home and business is our top priority. Smart security alarm protection and video monitoring for Denver citizens is something we take very serious. Allow our family to take care of yours and experience what makes DenverSecure the best choice when it comes to security. Our company goal has always been to become a trusted adviser to our clients.

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